What is this?

This is a fun experiment. Take a picture that shows people, and Emojuju will make its best effort to place emojis on top of their faces.

Please, use it for fun, not as a means to harass people!


Emojuju runs completely on your device: your pictures are safe, not sent to any server in [Random Evil Country] .

When you use other social media apps and cover faces, these apps might still store the original picture where faces are visible. You might want to cover faces first and then share the resulting picture #emojuju.

I use Google analytics to count visits to this website.

An example

How does it work?

You have to interact with the following buttons:

The first button on the left allows you to run Emojuju on a picture. On some devices, it also allows you to copy and paste a URL link pointing to a picture.

Other buttons are from left to right:

You can resize each emoji by clicking on the corners of its bounding box. You can also rotate each emoji with the handler on top of it. If you have a touch screen, just use your fingers.

You can also double-click on a single emoji to change it (this does not always work on Safari, use Chrome instead). Use the button on the bottom-left corner to flip the emoji:

Technical details

Emojuju uses BodyPix to identify faces. All nice effects would not be possible without Fabric JS.

It works best with Chrome browsers.


Emojis come from Twitter Twemoji and Flirtmoji. If you use Flirtmojis, you have to agree with their term of service.
Illustrations come from Flexiple and Pixeltrue.